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We specialize in marriage yacht proposals in Miami. It is our passion to make your special day perfect !
Time of day is up to you, it’s always beautiful sailing in the Harbor.  Sunset is probably most popular, but books well in advance so book as soon as possible.
In order to keep this a surprise we suggest you tell your partner it’s a group sunset or sightseeing tour.  The captain will pretend that the other people are running very late and he can’t hold the boat and the other guests will go on the next tour as a result and you guys by happenstance are alone.

Surprise your loved one with a marriage proposal in romantic Yacht. Champagne and a candlelit dinner as the sun sets on this beautiful Miami is the perfect way to say “I Love You”. Setting the scene to pop the question has to be just right. We at Proposal Miami ensure that it is!

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yacht proposal miami

Propose on a Yacht in Miami and enjoy the rest of the private cruise with your future wife and a bottle of champagne!

Miami is a place of love, thousands of couples fall in love on this magical Miami, men or women propose and many get married abroad, on the beautiful sites of Miami.

One of the reasons Miami is such a popular destination for proposals is simply because of the romantic vibe it offers, the traditional roads the warm climate and the sensation of freedom which makes people feel much better and loving. Fun fact, nobody says no to a proposal that is done in Miami.



Other than a romantic Miami with many activities available Miami is a destination well known for the waters, and the Ocean activities. This proposal can be from very simple to very complex! The most popular idea regarding renting a yacht here in Miami can go as follows; The Lady/Man which is going to be proposed to knows that you’ve booked a private yacht charter for the two of you on one of the days that you will be in Miami. So he/she is very excited and looking forward to the cruise, to get to the boat we’ll have our driver pick you up from your hotel and take you to the port where you will meet your skipper and the crew and they will greet you with a big smile on their faces as they always do, The cruise will be going smoothly and we’ll visit many of the highlights of Miami, at some point lunch/dinner will come out depending on your preferences and we’ll serve it with some wine, soft drinks or beer anything you like, Its important that the proposals always happen after dinner, we want the other person’s stomach to be full, hence much happier! After the dinner will be sunset time. That’s your moment, Let us know how you imagine your yacht Miami proposal to be and we’ll set the atmosphere just right for you. The time of the proposal comes, as we’ll have the right music at sunset time and she’ll of course scream YES! On board you can choose to have a professional photographer with you to capture the whole day or you can ask one of our crew to take a video with your phone instead at the time of the proposal. We’ll bring out the champagne and we’ll continue with the cruise, After we’ll take you back to your house or hotel to celebrate privately about your new beginning!

yacht proposal miami yacht proposal miami

Fully customized experiences planned and executed flawlessly. Private Chef, Photographer, GO PRO and editing options also available.

yacht proposal miami
You can also have our chef on board, you just need to select “server option” for $45.00 per hour.   We also have a fully stocked bar on board, you may order drinks when you place your booking online, or on the yacht.
Generally how it works is when we get to the certain spot, the captain will say:  “Why don’t you guys go up to the front of the boat, and I’ll come up and get a picture of you both”.
That is your cue.  At the front of the vessel you have complete privacy and we can even have a GO PRO video running to film the actual proposal.  Once you are at the front of the yacht, which is private,  we will cue whatever special song you have requested.  Meanwhile the photographer who has been hidden down below will get into position to get the best shot of the proposal.

The captain will not come up to take a picture.

After that we basically do a photo shoot on the boat.  As many as 150-300 pictures.  We will give you the cameras SD card right at the end of the charter so you don’t have to wait for your pictures. Or our team can also produce a professionally edited video incorporating the pictures taken and go pro footage.
After the proposal,  we can serve appetizers, dinner and drinks.
In case of a rain shower we just enclose the cockpit.




A Professional photographer along with you through the day to take pictures of your cruise in Miami, And at the end to capture the proposal.



On board we’ll have champagne available for you for after the proposal in the waters of Miami to celebrate with your loved one.


It can be a M/Y or S/Y. A catamaran is a popular option as well, The cruise will be private and you choose the kind of boat.


A driver will be available for you at any time, from the moment he takes you to the boat to the moment he takes you back to your hotel.


For dinner you can choose between meat, fish and vegetarian dishes all depending on your preferences for your Miami Proposal.


We’ll discuss everything about your special day and help you decide what’s best for you, fees will be handled by us along with the organization of your cruise.



Proposal Package Cost – 2,900 Dollars

Note: The prices quoted do not include the VAT.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
We are privileged to share in your special day, and strive for perfection.

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